We are one year into development of VIGIL, a first person Sci-fi thriller with an emphasis on atmosphere, exploration, and narrative. VIGIL is our first 'big' game, with a proposed play through time of around three and a half hours and a story influenced by movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner and Moon. The game is being developed in Unity and we are currently looking for a publisher.  

Check out the video from the current build:


Need we say more? This 'infinite runner' will have you smiling from ear to ear as you follow Robo, the booty-shaking babe-magnet, on an electrodisco journey.

Avoid de-funked droids, dodge earth-shaking sub-woofers and steer well clear of the dancing girls (they'll chase anything in metal trousers)!

Use pickups to jump, shoot, shrink and speed your way through an ever-changing obstacle course, while  collecting cassette tapes to boost your score and unlock the next electro groove. With music by Vector-Lovers.

FREE on the App Store until the next update!

Remember playing hide & seek long ago in a hazy pre-videogame childhood? No? Remember hiding in your sister’s wardrobe with your heart pounding? Well never mind, because Surveillant is no cosy domestic memory - It’s hide & seek pushed to the extreme: Either you stay hidden or you are TOAST - cremated by a laser-armed CCTV camera faster than you can say ‘peekaboo’.

The player is totally unarmed - a situation you’ll find genuinely panic-inducing whenever the probing red beam approaches your hiding place. Of course, you can’t just stay hidden... Defeating the CCTV requires getting up close and personal - before it checks you out!  


Sonaris is a procedural music game, where you explore tonal arrangements spatially in 2D, absorbing sounds until you return to a state of silence.

It's currently in 'prototype' stage, which could either be released pretty much as is, or developed further.

Check out the video from the current build: